Warminster tenor

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Tue Nov 4 17:44:44 GMT 2003

Reverting briefly to this topic, the weight (with or without the clapper) 
given when the bell was first cast and installed in 1737 was 27-2-13.

Do we know that Warners removed the canons in 1881? It seems unlikely, and
even more unlikely that they tuned the bell as the other seven were cast in
that year to fit in with it.

More likely that the canons were removed by Alfred Bowell of Ipswich when he
rehung the bells in a new frame (the present one) in 1914.

The bell was retuned at Whitechapel in 1960. The weight on arrival at the
foundry was recorded as 26-1-0. This was reduced by 1-1-20 by tuning etc.,
giving the present published weight of 24-3-8.

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