[Bell Historians] J Gotley 1854 / Alfred York 1885 bell work at Hilmarton, Wilts

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Alfred York quoted 15 Dec 1884 & was paid £47 5s on 26 May 1885 for a) 2
Tufting guides 1.5in sq with 2 in holes for tufting to pass through (these
are the rope guides used until 2003 when a gallery was added), b) Second:
New stock,wheel, pulley, stay, clapper, staple, bell sharpened, rework
gudgeons & bearings. Use old ironwork., c) Third: New stock, wheel, pulley,
stay, slider and clapper. Use old ironwork. d) Fourth: New stock,wheel,
pulley, stay, staple. Use old clapper & ironwork. e) Fifth Stock to be
reduced, ironwork altered, alter staple, new gudgeon staples, wheel, pulley,
stay & slider.f) Tenor Stock to be reduced, ironwork altered, new gudgeons
staples, wheel, pulley, stay & slider. CD thinks the York wheels are still
on bells 2 to 6.

Alfred York worked for L&J, and did work at Seend, and I think at Sutton
Veny (will check on this)

Anne Willis
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