[Bell Historians] Warminster tenor

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Wed Nov 5 20:03:19 GMT 2003

Anne Willis writes
> My only source for Warners removing the canons at Warminster was the late
> Tower Captain

Was he alive in 1881?!
> Can we conclude that canons weigh about 1-1-0?

On a bell of that size, possibly. Canons plus argent, that is. Any further
discrepancy between Rudhall's weight and Whitechapel's could be to do with
boring holes in crown, etc., which Bowell would presumably have done in
1914. Also, different people's weighing apparatus tends to vary...

> The Warminster tenor was cast
> by Rudhall at 27-2-13, which would imply that 1-1-13 of metal was removed by
> someone. Compare with the 1-0-24 of metal John Lott I bought in 1629 from
> the Warminster churchwardens when the canons were 'broken by mischance'.

C D 

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