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Many thanks for this - and for a speedy reply. I wasn't telling you anythin=
g new then! However, what you've sent does greatly help me, so thanks.

Could you please send me a copy of your book - I would have ordered sooner =
if I'd known about it! I'll put a cheque in the post today. Address below

I've never been to Bromham, by the way, so you may be confusing me with som=
eone else. But I'm pleased to know that repairs have been completed

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Thanks for thinking of me Chris, and for that information. Yes I knew of=
Groves. Here is a portion from my book 'The Bells & the Ringers of St. Ni=
cholas Church, Bromham'. This 56 page book is available from me at 44 High=
St., Bromham, Wilts., S N 15 2 H A. Price =A35. Sold in aid of the Chur=

. . . . . . " Mr. James E. Groves of 43 Malvern Road, Handsworth, Birm=
ingham tendered for this work, his tender reads -=20

Dismantle bells of their Ringing fittings, & remove Headstocks for refitt=
ing. Provide & securely bolt two cast iron stretchers. Provide to all 6 Hea=
dstocks new steel gudgeons, turned true. Provide & fix to the 2 largest Bel=
ls new double pulleys. Fit to the wheels of treble & 4 largest Bells rounde=
d blocks similar to those on wheel of 2nd Bell. Re-fit clappers of all six =
Bells, providing new bolts, nuts & leathers where necessary. Overhaul & rea=
djust all stays & sliders. Paint all the iron & wood ringing fittings, & le=
ave Bells in 1st class Ringing order - Provide 6 new Bells Ropes.=20

The whole for the sum of =A381.11s.6d. Jas. E. Groves."=20

You may remember, Chris, that one of the above 'Cast iron stretchers' was=
broken when you recently visited Bromham. It has now been repaired.

Dennis Powney.

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