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I am pleased to let you know that agreement has been reached for the Keltek=
Trust to acquire the bell. I confirm that it was cast in 1903 by Taylor's.=
The seller bought it from a dealer who thought it might have come from Lin=
coln. I have looked at John Ketteringham'e excellant book Lincolnshire Bell=
s & Bellfounders but have not found any likely places in Lincoln where it c=
ould have come from.

Subject to confirmation of our tonal analysis results undertaken by telepho=
ne, the best match for the bell is at Beckbury, Shropshire and provisional =
agreement has been reached with the parish that they can acquire it if conf=
irmed suitable. It had been considered for St Francis, Clifton, Nottingham =
but Ben Kipling of Hayward Mills advised that it is too large. Incidently t=
his will be the second bell the Trust has acquired through Ebay; the first =
bell is also going to Beckbury!

Also advertised on Ebay in the USA are two Taylor bells.

We were offered these a few months ago but declined to pay the asking price=
of $1500.

I am copying this email to Geoff Pick as it is through his efforts that the=
Trust has been kept up to date with bells appearing on Ebay. Many thanks G=
Dave Kelly

Keltek Trust - www.keltek.org
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