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I came across a Meneely bell(1890s) on e.bay on Thursday, but have 
been unable to find it since then. Judging from the price offered 
for it, Keltek might be better off selling their bells by this route 
and buying new ones!---

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> I am pleased to let you know that agreement has been reached for 
the Keltek Trust to acquire the bell. I confirm that it was cast in 
1903 by Taylor's. The seller bought it from a dealer who thought it 
might have come from Lincoln. I have looked at John Ketteringham'e 
excellant book Lincolnshire Bells & Bellfounders but have not found 
any likely places in Lincoln where it could have come from.
> Subject to confirmation of our tonal analysis results undertaken by 
telephone, the best match for the bell is at Beckbury, Shropshire and 
provisional agreement has been reached with the parish that they can 
acquire it if confirmed suitable. It had been considered for St 
Francis, Clifton, Nottingham but Ben Kipling of Hayward Mills advised 
that it is too large. Incidently this will be the second bell the 
Trust has acquired through Ebay; the first bell is also going to 
> Also advertised on Ebay in the USA are two Taylor bells.
> http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?
> We were offered these a few months ago but declined to pay the 
asking price of $1500.
> I am copying this email to Geoff Pick as it is through his efforts 
that the Trust has been kept up to date with bells appearing on Ebay. 
Many thanks Geoff.
> Dave Kelly
> Secretary 
> Keltek Trust - www.keltek.org
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