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Fri Nov 21 10:01:52 GMT 2003


> I didn't think the trebles of ten
> were particularly brilliant!


> The new ten are the old 8 from Holy
> Trinity, Bolton, with two Whitechapel
> Trebles.

I rang at Preston in the summer, and from memory (I didn't take 
tuning figures) the trebles are old style. Another striking example 
of newly-cast old-style trebles I rang on recently is at Bletchingley 
in Surrey.

Opinions differ on these; some consider them a very good match 
tonally to the old bells, i.e. preserving the historic integrity of 
the peal, and some dislike their sound, claiming that true-harmonic 
bells would make the overall peal sound better even though a worse 
match to the existing bells.

It's very easy of course to put together comparison recordings, using 
old-style and new style trebles with the same tenors. All this does 
is confirm there are two different views on the matter!

Bill H

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