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References to Canon J J Raven may be found in the Bell News 86/353, 1906/302 
and 338. The first is an account of a lecture given by him at Fressingfield, 
Suffolk where he was Vicar, the talk being about "Bells and Changeringing". It 
seems from the description of the talk that he must have had a reasonable 
knowledge of change ringing, so I would suggest that he probably had some 
practical experience.

The second reference is to a half-muffled peal attempt of Superlative 
Surprise Royal at St Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich on Saturday, September 22nd "as a tribute 
of respect to their late beloved ex-President of the Norwich Association."

The third reference is to a letter from his wife thanking ringers for their 
ringing tributes to his memory.

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