Rev'd H T Ellacombe and other historians.

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After a session in the CY library and with the help of the recently
published Bell News index, I submit the following information and references
including page numbers which might be helpful to others.

Henry T Ellacombe. Bell News 1885 pages 147, 148,168 and192.
>From Page 147. Bell News Saturday of Saturday August 1st 1885. Death of
Henry T Ellacombe aged 95. Clyst St George.
"He was always accustomed to ring with his men up to within a few years of
his death, and invariably rang the old year out."
>From page 148 Bell News of Saturday August 8th 1885 editorial.
" Those who have their minds absorbed in attempting to ring as many peals as
a lifetime will afford, cannot, perhaps see the consistency of the statement
that the death of one who never took part in any ringing worthy of note
should cause such a void."
Me: This statement is as true today as it was in 1885.

J J Raven. Bell news 1886 page 353 (I could not find any reference to J J
Raven from this index number and it may be a misprint) 1906 Pages 302 and
>From page 338 of 1906
September 27th. The report of the Annual Meeting of The Norwich Diocesan
The Chairman then went on to refer to the death of Canon Raven, the
President of the Association from 1891 to 1900.
" To refer to Canon Raven was no light task, because he was a man of
extraordinary versatile parts. As clergyman, educationist, author,
archaeologist, antiquary and campanologist, he was conspicuous, and by his
death they had lost a very remarkable character indeed."

Rev'd William Collings Lukis. Bell News of December 10th 1892. Page 450.
The Bell News report is merely an extract from a report in 'The Guardian'
Graduated Trinity College, Cambridge 1840.
Well known Archaeologist researched in Brittany publishing a guide to the
prehistoric monuments of that district and numerous archaeological and other
works. Edited 3 volumes of Stukeley's Diary. As a member of Ripon
Scientific Society researched Roman encampment at Castle Dyke. He was a JP
for North Riding etc.
Me: No mention of campanology there so more research needed!

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