[Bell Historians] Making digital recordings of bells

Paul Marshall paul&jean at p...
Sat Nov 29 18:22:48 GMT 2003

I have recently invested in a Martantz CDR300 portable CD recorder which 
I intend to use for recording bells. It's going to take a bit of getting 
used to setting it up, especially if I can't be with it to get recording 
levels. It is mains powered but they do a battery pack. Down side is 
it's very expensive. I bought mine from the USA via e-bay. I had to pay 
import duty and VAT but it was still a lot cheaper than buying one in 
the UK.

In message <001f01c3b5d8$5dbc70e0$276587d9 at oemcomputer>, David Bryant 
<david at b...> writes
>"I wrote a paper on this a year or so ago, at
>www.hibberts.co.uk/recording.htm which may give you some ideas. I
>know a lot of people use minidisc recorders which I believe give
>excellent results, though I have not used one myself. In the past I
>have taken a lot of recordings with a very old 8mm video recorder
>which are reasonable quality."
>I seem to recall that Taylor's use a minidisc recorder to make recordings
>for analysis.
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Paul Marshall

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