Collapsed towers/ Bellhouses that exist today

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Fri Oct 10 19:54:49 BST 2003

There used to be one at Holy Trinity Coventry which has been 
demolished. It is described extensively in RW - I don't have an 
index. There are also 'bell houses' at Brookland, Kent, Pembridge 
Hereford etc. etc. Where do you draw the line between a bell house 
and a detached tower?--- 

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> Hi to all.
> I came across some info on the web the other day that St Mary, 
> Princes Risborough had six bells in the tower till the early 1800s 
> when the tower collapsed-the six were supposed to date from 1552.
> I was wondering if anyone knew anything of them-they are not 
> hung in the Rebuilt tower.
> Also, I was wondering if anyone knows of any bellhouses in 
> churchyards-there is one at Rivington(nr Bolton), Lancs, which 
> comprises of two floors. It is a short rectangular building as 
> opposed to a tower, with louvres on the second level.
> The bellhouse at Rivington appears considerably older than the 
> (which has a small tower/spire and one bell).
> The bell house has no trace of any bells at all.
> How common were these types of building?
> Alan

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