[Bell Historians] heavy tenors

David Bryant david at b...
Tue Oct 28 09:28:55 GMT 2003

> --- If Redcliffe 11th at 25 1 5 is disproportionally light for C#
> why is the modern (1984) Whitechapel tenor at Cirencester in C# at
> 27 1 16 ?

To be proportional to the rest of the ring, I would assume. If Whitechapel
(or Taylor's) were casting a complete new ring in C# the tenor would either
be around the 30 cwt mark (Doncaster) or around 35 cwt (Canterbury,
Sheffield (Whitechapel), Evesham, Leighton Luzzard (Taylor)). 25 cwt would
either be D (e.g. Leicester Cathedral, Selby, etc) or Eb (Shoreditch)


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