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DLC has been having problems sending to the list, so I'm forwarding his last
few messages.


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I too was in Hanley a few weeks ago and visited the Parish Church a few
weeks ago. As stated it is in a terrible state, a reproach to those
responsible. The tower looks a bit fragile, with the parapet and battlements
now gone. The associated stonework is numbered and stored behind a fence on
the north side. The louvres are are failing and the very large clock is
Some years ago I had a request to go and inspect there: then there was an
article on it in the "Nooks and Corners" section of Private Eye - so I
withdrew from the engagement. The whole thing looks very sad, and in the
light of the hopes for the Bethesda Chapel (of the BBC2 Restoration fame) -
that building being just round the corner, one hopes that the same
enthusiasm will come the way of the Parish Church.

More on South Somwercotes later


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