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> Bell books often describe what type of gudgeons a bell has. Sensible enough
> with a timber headstock, but where metal headstocks are concerned isn't the
> oft-used tern 'fixed steel gudgeons' rather pointless? Isn't it self-evident
> that they will be of steel and will be fixed? If they are mentioned, perhaps
> 'bolted', 'riveted', 'welded' or (in the case of many bar headstocks
> 'integral' would be a more meaningful description

We rehung a bell a few years back which had a revolving gudgeon as opposed to 
fixed gudgeons. The gudgeon passed all the way through the wooden headstock 
and was fixed to the frame at both ends - ball bearings being mounted in the 
ends of the headstock - a cunning idea for a turret which lacked space.

I would describe the WBF type of gudgeons as being fixed also - being cast 
into place as opposed to the bolt in varieties that some bellhangers now use.

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