Jeffries and Price

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Thu Oct 30 09:42:31 GMT 2003

Can anyone tell me anything about the Bristol founders Jeffries & Price? I
was speaking to my father at the weekend and he was asking me about them. We
got onto the subject of them because of the single 5cwt bell at Kenn near
Clevedon, Somerset, which he told me is a J&P bell of 1815. 

I've looked in the "Church bell of Gloucestershire" book and there are only
9 in Glos, although they all seem to be of a later date, ~1830-50. It also
mentions in passing that Kingsdown Bristol are by Jeffries 1834. Nick Bowden
could tell me of a few more (at Weston-s-Mare 1842, Glasbury-on-Wye 1838,
Doynton 1844, Iron Acton 1844, Lacock, Sandford Orcas and Buckhorn Weston.
As well as a few W Jeffries bells in the Bristol Doicese) but all seem to be
of a later period.

Is there a list of Jeffries/Jeffries & Price bells, or even an approx number
of how many there are and the years they span? 


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