[Bell Historians] RE: Research Project

David Bryant david at b...
Thu Oct 30 18:24:32 GMT 2003

> Maybe it's the other way round. Perhaps Erlestoke requested that the
> Arms NOT be put on the bell. We'll never know.

Or it may be that the founder just used it when he wanted to ornament the
bell (in much the way that modern founders often use vine or other floral
ornaments). Another example of this may be the tenor (by Roger Semson) at
Bradford-on-Tone in Somerset. It has, if I remember rightly, the arms or
seal of countess somebody or other, who is not know to have had any
connection with the place and the founder probably used it simply as an

You mention that not all Lott bells have a Royal Arms on them, and certainly
many by Richard Purdue also do not - the tenor at West Buckland (Somerset)
certainly doesn't, and I don't think his largest bell (Queen Camel tenor)
does either.


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