[Bell Historians] RE: Wartime bellfounding

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Fri Oct 31 10:30:44 GMT 2003

During the First World War bells (all memorials to soldiers who had lost 
their lives in it) were cast by Taylors in 1916 for Lillington, Dorset (3)
and Purton, Wilts. (present 7th) and all hung by Thomas Doble of Taunton.

According to my (very ancient) notes, of the light ring of six at Cranford,
Middlesex, the treble, 2nd, 3rd and tenor are M & S bells of 1943, 1942,
1941 and 1945 respectively. The main hanging job was done in 1942, the
treble being added, and the tenor replaced, later.


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