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The fact is that John Lott I's bells are inscribed absolutely identically to
Richard Purdue I's, and the latter's cut-out-type lettering is very
distinctive. That, and the dates, and the fact that the two founders were
operating in the same area...

It seems reasonable to suppose that the founder would ask the customer if he
wanted a royal arms, feathers, a vine-trail border or whatever - but he
would have to have had these items in stock to be able to offer them.


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> Didn't Lott learn his trade from the Purdues? Certainly Richard Purdue I
> used the Royal Arms, so perhaps Lott was using it simply as an ornament. The
> treble at Cothelstone in Somerset (Richard Purdue I) has two large coat of
> arms on its waist, but I can't recall whether they're Royal Arms or the Arms
> of the local Lord of the Manor.
> David
> Yes, he is said to have done so, though I think the evidence is largely
> circumstantial. The question is would a founder have used the Royal Arms
> unless requested to do so? Lott cast several bells during the Civil Wars
> (but not the one at Chippenham, that's a printing error) but I don't know
> how many had the Royal Arms on them, or if one could link up this with local
> politics.
> Anne Willis

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