[Bell Historians] layout of information

LOVE, Dickon DrLove at s...
Wed Sep 3 10:13:22 BST 2003

> I would appreciate any comments anyone cares to make!

With these sorts of books, they are written to be either read from cover to
cover or to be dipped into. My comment is that perhaps this is written in
the more "cover to cover" style. This may be intentional (some books are,
e.g. 'We Sing in a Strange Land'). My preference though would be for a
balance; perhaps some at-a-glance stuff could be put in, e.g. put the
weights in a weights table. I also love the old county tower books that
include images of the stops in the inscriptions - this is a style I follow
on my web sites, together with the use of horizontal lines across the page
to represent inscription bands. There is nonetheless an impressive amount of
detail in the prose and certainly going to be a valuable work.

My twopennyworth anyway...


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