[Bell Historians] standards of research

A Willis zen16073 at z...
Wed Sep 10 16:45:04 BST 2003

So what do people think? Is there any way we can set and encourage standards
in research?


I think there are several issues here including the material; its
presentation and its interpretation.

Bell History covers a very wide range of subjects from the purely technical
to the highly personal. It does not stand in isolation; social, economic and
family history all their parts to play. I doubt if there can be a
'standard' for the material, other than an understanding by the reader that
all relevant material is potentially interesting, but not to all people all
of the time.

The presentation should be well written, properly referenced using a
standard system (Harvard or footnotes), and have a full bibliography.
Referees may be a way to assisting this.

Interpretation of the material is ultimately personnal, but there should be
at least some effort to place the material in context and consider the wider

Standards in research, if they ARE possible for this subject, should promote
as broad a view as possible, accuracy and good writing.

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