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My own policy is, if you can get at them, or if they are visible in a gable=
through binoculars, details are not out of place under the appropriate pa=
rish. And of course, you come across the occasional treasure: such as the =
former school bell at Eastryk Kent, now in the ringing chamber - a Victori=
an village school with a 14thC bell with "royal heads" - and no-one knows h=
ow they got it !

At the very least, the existence of the bell ought to be recorded if it has=
been noticed; its presence is then a matter of record, details or not.

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Another 'what's your opinion' question for my York book.

Like many cities, York has a large number of Victorian primary schools wi=
little bells hung in turrets. Those which I've looked at with binoculars =
almost all uninscribed, brass-foundry castings, peg argent, swing chiming=
If I try to include very such bell it will take a considerably amount of
time and effort to track them down and look at them.

My question, therefore, is whether people think it is worth including sch=
bells in surveys. Opinions please!


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