[Bell Historians] obscure question of the week

David Bryant david at b...
Sun Sep 14 20:29:58 BST 2003

> Are they likely
> > to be original to an installation of 1869? No. [Whose installation is

The bell is by Blews, and I thought the fittings were also. It was
originally in the tenor pit of a 5-bell frame, but the frame was cut down at
some point and the other pits are now unusable. I think the cutting-down
must have happened in 1923-4, when the spire was removed and the upper stage
of the tower rebuilt to a different plan. The rebuilt upper stage appears
set in, so presumably it's built on the inside of the offset. The bell's
fittings were an elm stock, strap gudgeons, stock hoops, bolted ironwork
(with hex huts), plain bearings in cast iron housings, dog-leg stay,
slider and clapper on cast-in staple. The wheel has recently been replaced
by a lever.

The church in question is Fulford, York.


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