French Bell Museum

David Beacham david.beacham at v...
Fri Sep 19 11:23:14 BST 2003

A friend (not a ringer, but her daughter is) visited the Musee European
d'Art Campanaire in L'Isle-Jourdain (Fers.) in southern France and passed on
to me an A4 information sheet (in english) that described the museum as "the
only one of its kind in Europe.....several thousand objects on two floors
.... on view including bells, chimes, carillons, cowbells, crotals and
handbells. Coming from five continents and covering a period of four
thousand years... the visitor will find objects such as tools, moulds,
copes, a furnace, a tuning lathe, etc.... a video shows metal pours in large
European foundries...."

I don't recall having heard of this particular museum. How well-known is it?

David Beacham

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