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Throckmorton visited 26/3/74 to photograph the church (including single bell
in partly medieval frame) for RCHME. Photos should be available in NMRC in
Swindon. Visited again 4/5/87 to look further at the 4-bell frame.

Remaining bell (33 in. diameter; note about C) must have been the treble of
4. No inscription other than an ornamental border. According to
H B Walters in C B Worcs. the 2nd was similarly inscribed (or rather
uninscribed) but he reported that bell as broken. All four bells said to
have been by Henry Farmer 1622.

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> Can tell you that Throckmorton were sold in 1953, but I have no information
> on the sizes (or which bell remains).
> I believe CD has been to see what remains. I lost my car key in the grass
> in the field between the road and church once (and had to be rescued by
> Arthur Berry), but I've never managed to get up the tower
> CP
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> The final four lost rings where I don't know within 10 years of when they
> were lost are:
> Dallinghoo, Suffolk, St. Mary, 4, 9cwt reduced to one bell.
> Norton, Suffolk, All Saints, 4, 13cwt, reduced to two bells.
> Stanion, Northants., St. Peter, 4, 10cwt, bells removed. [Only from the
frame, which was a daft thing to do but then they tended to do daft things
in Peterborough Diocese during that particular bell consultant's time.
Happily there is now a new one.]
> Throckmorton, Worcs., Chaplaincy, 4, ? cwt, reduced to one bell.
> Can anyone help with year or approximate year the bells were removed and
> for Throckmorton the tenor weight?
> Many thanks
> Dave


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