[Bell Historians] Date of bellframe

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Sat Sep 20 20:15:54 BST 2003

>From: "David Bryant" <david at b...>
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>Subject: [Bell Historians] Date of bellframe
>Date: Fri, Sep 19, 2003, 4:03 pm

> Attached to this email is an RCHME sketch of a bellframe, whcih they date to
> 1634. However, other evidence suggests that it could date from 1742. What do
> people think? (the braces are actually straight - not slightly curved as in
> the sketch)

Yes, on the face of it 1742 seems more plausible than 1634. And RCHME
investigators notoriously can't date bell frames. But one would need to see
the frame itself to be sure...
> C D

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