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Many thanks to those who responded to the enquiry regarding four rings remo=
ved from the church. We now have the year of removal for Stanion and Throck=

As some of you may be aware I am writing an article for the RW regarding lo=
st rings. This is not about any specific ring but about the trends which ar=
e apparent when we analyse what happened to the ring and when it happened. =
Consequently any information to fill the gaps would be greatly appreciated.

There are several conversions to chiming only where I have no idea of the y=
ear of conversion (or even approximate year). Can anyone help with the foll=

Brington, Cambs., All Saints, 4, 5-1-0
Colne, Cambs., St. Helen, 4, 7.5 cwt
Denchworth, Oxon, St James, 4, 4-3-3
Hamstall Ridware, Staffs., St. Michael, 4, 7-1-23
Horsheath, Cambs., All Saints, 4, 8 cwt
Hughley, Salop, St. John Baptist, 4, 4.25
Ipswich, Suffolk, St. Peter, 6, 9 cwt
Lewes, E. Sussex, St. Thomas a Becket, 4, 6 cwt
Radnage, Bucks., St. Mary, 4, 9cwt
Wentnor, Salop, St. Michael, 4, 7 cwt
Wilne, Derbyshire, St. Chad, 4, 10-0-14
Wilsford, Wilts., St. Michael, 5, 12 cwt

and overseas:
Montreal, Quebec, Can., Basilica of Notre Dame, 10, 52-1-0
Montreal, Quebec, Can., St. Patrick, 10, 20-0-26

Any information, even approximate, is most welcome.

Many thanks

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