Hamstall Ridware

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Mon Sep 22 11:03:54 BST 2003

The L & W website gives more details

Rydwar Hampstall: ij belles, ij sacrynge b

The current second and third bells are probably the two bells 
mentioned in the Inventory. They were increased first to three in 
1656 and then to four in 1805. The names of J Briant and B Cort both 
appear in the inscription of the fourth bell and Cort, an ironmonger 
from Leicester, would probably have been acting as a local agent for 
Briant who worked from Hertford. They had not been rung full circle 
in living memory. In 1976 Taylors retuned the treble, third and 
fourth and hung them for chiming only from two steel joists.

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