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Mon Sep 22 13:18:02 BST 2003


There are several conversions to chiming only where I have no idea of the
year of conversion (or even approximate year). Can anyone help with the

Brington, Cambs., All Saints, 4, 5-1-0 : Never 'ringable' as far as I am
aware - can be swung chimed as I recall; contact ruth.ball at n... for

Colne, Cambs., St. Helen, 4, 7.5 cwt. Never ringable. Tower collapsed and
was rebuilt with bells hung for chiming only (late 19th C) I think it was
Church bells of Hunts which gave this information; I'll look it up when I
get home. Again, contact Ruth Ball; they have probably inspected them

Horsheath, Cambs., All Saints, 4, 8 cwt. Again, probably not ringable
within living memory. I don't think they were officially 'converted' to a
chime. Ruth Ball/Chris Higgings may know, or Tom Ridgeman
[twr20 at e...]

Sue Marsden

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