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I have decided to remove Notre Dame and St. Patrick's from the lost rings l=
ist as opinion is that they have never been rung full-circle.=20

Many thanks for all the information supplied regarding the year or approxim=
ate year of loss. This has greatly reduced the list to:

Conversion to chimes:
Colne, Cambs., St. Helen, 4, 7.5 cwt
Horsheath, Cambs., All Saints, 4, 8 cwt
Hughley, Salop, St. John Baptist, 4, 4.25
Radnage, Bucks., St. Mary, 4, 9cwt
Wentnor, Salop, St. Michael, 4, 7 cwt

Other losses:
Dallinghoo, Suffolk, St. Mary, 4, 9cwt reduced to one bell.
Dymchurch, Kent, SS. Peter & Paul, 5, 4.5cwt reduced to three bells.
Norton, Suffolk, All Saints, 4, 13cwt, reduced to two bells.


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