G & J Chimes

mikechester mike at m...
Tue Sep 23 23:15:11 BST 2003

Can anyone enlighten me as to the current status of:

London, Abbey House, Baker St, NW1 8 bells tenor 7-3-4 supplied 1931/2

Aberlour Orphanage 8 5cwt (my spelling may be incorrect as my writing on
my notes is awful!)

Badminton, Stables 6 8-0-15 1910 (1-3) & 1914 (4-6). Were these a 6
bell chime or 2x3? The records state that there are empty pits for 3
trebles, but the weight distribution looks strange to me - 4th is 4-1-13 and
the 3rd is 1-2-10.


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