Dates of conversion of 4-bell rings to chimes

Susan Dalton at v...
Mon Sep 29 14:26:01 BST 2003

Radnage (Bucks.) 1967/68 (Whitechapel). Tenor now 9-2-2.

Colne (Hunts./Cambs.) I have no info. Possibly when church was rebuilt
just over a century ago.

Horsheath (Cambs.) still hung for ringing (though totally unringable) when
I visited in March 1969, so conversion must be since then.

Hughley (Shropshire) date not obvious from a visit and I haven't checked
church records. Probably c. 1930. Very amateur local job: frame removed
and bells arranged for unsafe clocking.

Wentnor: no frame and bells semi-safely (!) clocked. Arrangement probably
dates from 1885.

Hopesay 1957 (Whitechapel). Tenor now 5-0-24. Bells were apparently hung
for ringing, after a fashion, until then.


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