[Bell Historians] CCC Appointments

Andrew Wilby andrew at w...
Sat Apr 3 11:18:45 BST 2004

Subject: Re: [Bell Historians] CCC Appointments

> > Humbug.
> Oh? And why is that? The Council's business is conducted through its
> secretary, as is the case with many organisations - the College Youths, to
> name but one example.
> David

David, you are illustrating how one can be very good at one thing but very
underskilled in another area.
That was the point I was making in the first place which obviously went
straight over your head.

As a CY CCCBR representative and ex-Secretary I will tell you and everyone
how I was elected and how the Society functions in all matters without
reference to the Secretary if you ask.

When I was CY Secretary I would have expected all Officers and members to do
the same without reference to me.
As Sec I conducted "the business" of the Society that arose from the
meetings. The constitutional affairs of the CCC is not of that character.

The CCC is a public body and it is a disgrace that anybody concerned should
avoid quite reasonable questions about how it functions.
If you think otherwise David then you have a lot to learn about the conduct
of public life... and please don't seek authority for your views by quoting
situations of which you have insufficient knowledge.... that would be my tip
for the day old mate and if you have a tip in return for the Grand National
let me have it quick!


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