Pembrokeshire bells and Newton & Heanes of Bristol

Susan Dalton at v...
Sat Apr 3 14:33:49 BST 2004

I have had private e-mails about this but am going to reply publicly in case
it is of more general interest.

Although I am a large way through Pembrokeshire fieldwork, I only get there
about twice a year and Jeffreston is one of a few churches with towers
(rather than open cotes) which I haven't yet visited. When I do, I am
expecting to find that the bells were cast by Warners like the "Newton &
Heanes" tenor of 1860 at Mark, Somerset (could the "medallion" be the royal
arms which goes with the 'PATENT'?). As with a lot of these Bristol
small-time bellfounders, I don't think N & H cast anything much themselves
above one to one-and-a-half hundredweight. Pembs. cotes are turning out to
be full of small 18th and 19th c. Bristol-cast bells by the likes of
Wasbrough Duggan & Co., but I haven't found any yet by A G Williams & Co. of
Little Marcle fame (and you won't find that in Fred Sharpe's Herefordshire
book because he didn't bother to go up!).

Of course, if when I get to Jeffreston I find differently, I will publish my
confession on this list.


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