Early Rudhall bells

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Sat Apr 3 14:53:17 BST 2004

In answer to DJB's question, there does indeed appear to be a link between
Abraham Rudhall I, when he began casting bells in the 1680s, and the last
Purdues (Roger II and Richard III) in Bristol. There are references in -
from memory - the Gloucester St Mary de Crypt cws' accounts.

Then there is the shape of the crowns of the early Rudhall bells at
Oddington: only one survives now, but there were more in Fred Sharpe's day.

Then there is the very Purdue-like inscription on a Rudhall bell at Charlton
Kings, part of which was saved when the bell was replaced, illustrated in
Mary Bliss's book on the Anglican churches of the diocese of Gloucester.

Incidentally, the bell-frame with the early Rudhall ring at Quatt does not I
think predate the bells (I have examined it fairly carefully in the past)
but it was clearly made locally and not by a professional bellhanger and has
a rather rustic look about it.


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