[Bell Historians] Copy of a letter to the RW re Church bells.

A Willis zen16073 at z...
Mon Apr 5 12:44:05 BST 2004

If the church authorities choose to involve the local association then
that's up to them, but it should be their decision. Giving local
associations reports on the state of all bells in their area might well be
an open invitation to cause unwanted interference.


Two comments.

Firstly my local association is only too aware of the state of the bells in
its patch. Not only do we ring at all the ringable towers at least once
every two years, but people make comments and we listen. Although we don't
ask for copies of inspection reports, I have yet to meet the tower who has
not wanted to tell us about them.

Secondly, why be so 'them and us'? Yes, the Vicar and Churchwardens are
legally responsible for the tower and bells, and it is by their permission
we ring them, but that doesn't stop both parties having the interests of the
bells in mind and talking to each other.

Unwanted interference is not a problem we have had to face, refusal to face
facts is probably more common.


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