[Bell Historians] Tieing a clapper

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The best way will depent upon how easy/difficult your bells are to get at.

At Strensham, I use an old bicycle inner tube, knotted to make it the right
length, and stretch it between the clapper flight and the top of the clapper
staple on the headstock and which holds the clapper firmly on the handstroke
side (ie the one furthest away from the pulley when the bell is down).

You can also use a length of rope tied on the top ot the clapper stable and
which passes around the outside of the bell, clove hitch around the clapper
flight with the clapper hanging in the center of the bell, and back up to
the staple again. This requires a few knotting skills to make it tight

If you have got some time to make them, then wooden clapper ties take some
beating. These can be a pain to fit on larger bells where there is only a
little room between the mouth of the bell and the floor, eg Tewkesbury Abbey


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> Which is the best way to tie a clapper, I've done it before and it
> usually works but sometimes I get the odd 'ding'. I'm planning to
> give a bell-handing lesson tonight and don't want any noise in Holy
> Week.
> Sam
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