Rantings from the past week

Dickon Love DrLove at s...
Tue Apr 6 15:26:07 BST 2004

I've only just caught up on the past week, and what a lot has been 
going on, including fights in the playground and protests to teacher! 
I blame that Mr Offen myself, ever since he joined the class. God's 
Own County is only just getting back to order since he passed his 11+ 
and left!

However, before I'm given a detention by more grumpy old farrar's, 
here is a collection of my comments from the various threads:

Re Canterbury, RCO wondered if I had the swing times for the trebles 
from God's Own Cathedral. Alas I don't. I too have rung peals on the 
trebles of Leighton Buzzard and GOC; the latter is certainly quieter 
and harder to place.

AWRW asks whether Goebels was a Cumberland; CMO figured he was an 
early FOD. I wasn't aware that the two were mutually exclusive ... 
perhaps Mr Offen could comment?

DLC refers us to 2 articles: 'A Lost London Lament' (DLC) and 'Where 
the Bells no longer Ring' (DrL). The latter may be found at 
I hope to put the former up there some time.

Jim Phillips reminds us that AJP the six at St Andrew 
Undershaft, "hung dead in my time, do not now even have a chiming 
frame and will probably remain silent for ever and this in the church 
where Stedman was buried." Perhaps the ASCY should have taken DPS's 
proposals more serious re a millennium project, or perhaps the 
proposals should have come from someone else?

Chichester was mentioned. I understand that since Nicholson's 
completed their work there a few weeks ago they have been transformed 
out of recognition in terms of go, struckness and interestingly, 

Rope grooves. You'll find some in the upstairs ringing room of DLC's 
old tower, St Dunstan's (affectionately known as "Dustbins") in 
Canterbury. These would appear to have been caused by someone chiming 
a bell whilst standing on the roof looking out for the bride, or 
coffin. With the tower containing the oldest ringable bell in GOC, 
this practice could be centuries old - DLC might know more...

CJP tells us "I'm pretty sure that there IS a record of the partials 
of the old bells at Coventry in the Gillett stuff at Croydon Library, 
though I don't have the figures. They are in the volume referenced at 
AR1/1/19." If they are not available elsewhere (ie Buswell's 
collection) I might be able to pop over to the Library one lunch time 
if still required. Interestingly G&J contacted me a few days ago 
asking to help with the Lovesguide websites, so there is another 

Re St Clement Danes, I too have a photo of the old bells at the base 
of the tower. I will try to find it this evening.

Sam Austin asked about tieing a clapper? Why not ask the "Change 
Ringers" list rather than BH? You certainly live dangerously these 
days Sam!

Then there is the debate of the CCC. I'll hold fire on that for now 
to allow me to read a little more of what has already been published.

(please add smilies liberally where applicable)

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