Tieing a clapper

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Tue Apr 6 15:50:03 BST 2004

Thanks for both replies,
I did a late night bell handling sesh at Edgbaston last night and it 
worked, now to untie it all before the wedding on saturday


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> > Which is the best way to tie a clapper, I've done it before and 
> > usually works but sometimes I get the odd 'ding'. I'm planning to 
> > give a bell-handing lesson tonight and don't want any noise in 
> > Week.
> Do one end up like a tail end with not too large a loop beneath the 
> bottom tuck. loop it around the clapper above the ball and pull the 
> clapper against one side of the bell, then tie it on top somewhere. 
> bell with canons is good as you can tie it to the canons or the bar 
> across the top which many have, if not it'll have to go around the 
> stock.
> David

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