[Bell Historians] L&J tenors

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Fri Apr 9 09:57:27 BST 2004

>> My impression of L&J has just gone up considerably
> Go and listen to the tenor at Pilton and it will go up even more. Martock
> tenor's quite good, as well.

[Pilton retuned at Whitechapel, but it was more or less true-harmonic
already. Martock a much earlier bell, old-style and not retuned since. CD]
> On the other hand, if you go and listen to the 4th at West Hatch your opinion
> will go down considerably. It must be one of the most foul-sounding bells
> I've ever heard!
> David

[Can't agree. It too is true-harmonic more or less and sounded OK - if not
perfect - when I went there. Indeed the back three bells are all pretty
good and not quite spoilt by the Mears 1861 treble and 2nd. CD] 

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