E Alexander Young

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Sat Apr 10 22:21:25 BST 2004

E Alexander Young could also give a full account of the battle of Waterloo
as told to him by his great grandfather who actually fought in the battle.
As a boy he would sit on his great grandfather's knee and listen for hours
whilst the battle was recounted to him by someone who was there.
Alexander, in turn, would get the beer glasses lined up on the table
representing the English, French and Prussians lines and we would listen
enthralled as he fought the battle all over again from actual living memory.
We have in the College Youths library hand written notes and battle plans as
told by the great grandfather, and obtained by John Chilcott from Alexander
Young. E Alexander Young is part of bell history and I understand his
meticulous notes and measurements produced at the request of Charles Kippin
before the war regarding a possible rehanging and augmentation of Beddington
Bells are still in that tower (E A Young was a qualified architect).

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