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> > The 6 in Blessington are by Bartlett. The cannons were removed 
> when 
> > the bells were re-hung in the 1980's on modern fittings, the 
> > were not re-tuned.
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> > Billy
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> Shame the canons were cut off, thought bell hangers were a little 
> more enlightened by the 1980s - who did it?
> The back six at Hadlow, Kent are also by Bartlett. The treble 
> (third of the 8) was cast in 1696 and the rest in 1695. They all 
> have canon-retaining headstocks.
> R

I don't know the details as it was before my time. There may be 
information in Fred Dukes book. The canons are on display in the 
ringing room along with 2 sets of clappers. 1) Some ancient looking 
w.i clappers that may be the original one (only 5 of them I think). 
2) The very substantial clappers and crown staples from the O'Byrne 
re-hanging of the 1920's. 



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