St Mary's, Shrewsbury.

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Thu Apr 22 13:35:50 BST 2004

"There is an additional bell at St Paul's Cathedral that is hung for
While it is in the same tower as the ring of 12, it is in a small frame
above and predates the ring by 178 years. It is known locally as "The
Banger" and being higher in the tower can be heard a great distance. It is
the same note as the 8th and I believe was actually used instead of the 8th
on one occasion when the it was out of action. "

You really need a little more organ practice as your pitch seems wonky! One
Sunday afternoon many moons ago the ninth rope broke at St Paul's rendering
this bell unusable. Mike Moreton volunteered to ring the " old banger" (the
Philip Wightman bell of 1700) to Stedman Cinques. The "old banger was on a
wooden stock in those days and Mike made a good job of steering the bell
through the traditional three courses of Stedman Cinques conducted by John
Chilcott. The bell is now on a canon retaining iron headstock and is rung
full circle before the eight o'clock service.

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