[Bell Historians] Minsters

David Bryant david at b...
Thu Apr 22 13:59:47 BST 2004

> I was under the impression that there could not be two Cathedrals in one 
> Diocese. Whilst all Cathedrals are located in cities, 

Not quite - Southwell isn't a city.

> not every city has a Cathedral. In wishing to elevate a Church, due to the town 
> becoming a city, the only option may be to give the Church Minster status.

The definition of a cathedral is that it contains the cathedra (bishop's throne), so there can indeed only be one cathedral in any diocese.

However, surely bestowing a meaningless designation of 'Minster' is just pretension for pretension's sake? It's a new idea - even the principal parish churches in large cities without cathedrals (e.g. Leeds) are simply described as the parish church.

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