St Mary's , Shrewsbury.

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Thu Apr 22 15:19:06 BST 2004

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> DrL
> There is a tower where a ring of 8 and a ring of 4 are hung in the 
> tower although in separate chambers. Can anyone quess where? :)
> Yes! And they should have been rehung as they were originally ie 
the front
> four above the eight! I blame TD for that, and then he pushes off 
> country!

Who's TD? 

It was my idea to hang the front four of the Waterloo Tower, Quex 
Park in the chamber below the back eight in order to make them more 
audible in the ground floor ringing room. Within the limits of the 
dreadful acoustic properties of this tower, it was a reasonably 
successful move - with a shorter draught of rope, it also made the 
bells far less flighty to handle.

Originally the 'chimney' in each corner of the tower fed the sound, 
via underfloor ducting, through a grill in the middle of the ringing 
room floor! What the bells must have sounded like then, or not as 
the case may be, Lord alone knows!


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