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Thu Apr 22 16:52:25 BST 2004

>>From the Preston ringers' website:
>"The augmentation of the bells was also undertaken to celebrate 
>Preston being granted City status by Her Majesty the Queen as part 
>of her Golden Jubilee festivities, as well as the church receiving 
>Minster status from the Blackburn diocese. "

Somewhat like a Roman Catholic church being awarded Basilica status?

>I was under the impression that there could not be two Cathedrals in one
>Diocese. Whilst all Cathedrals are located in cities, not every city has a
>Cathedral. In wishing to elevate a Church, due to the town becoming a
>city, the only option may be to give the Church Minster status.
>Howard E J Smith

A cathedral is the seat of the bishop who rules a diocese (Roman 
Catholic, Anglican, Episcopal), and normally there is only one 
building so designated. However, when the bishop's seat has been 
moved in the course of history, some recognition of the original 
often lingers on.

In the Catholic Archdiocese of St.Louis, the Cathedral Basilica of 
St.Louis is commonly called the "New Cathedral", though it's now 
about a century old--construction began in 1896, and it was dedicated 
in 1914.
See http://www.archstl.org/
Its predecessor, the parish church now designated the "Basilica of 
St. Louis, King of France", is commonly called the "Old Cathedral". 
The parish was founded in 1770; the present building was dedicated in 
1834, and was the first Catholic Cathedral west of the Mississippi 
See http://www.catholic-forum.com/churches/140stlouis/history.html
Both buildings have bells, though they are swung electrically, as is 
the case in most Catholic churches in this country.

In the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota, there actually are two 
cathedrals. You can find their pictures and history here:
Both cathedrals have chimes in their towers:
Faribault - 10 by Meneely/Troy, 1902, with chimestand
Minneapolis - 14 by Paccard, 1998, with electric keyboard

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