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Wed Apr 28 10:25:50 BST 2004

Another example of a temporary foundry is that set up by Christopher Hodson 
who went to Durham Cathedral in 1693 to supply a new ring of eight to replace 
the unaceptable Bartlet six that were cast in 1631/2. If you visit Durham 
Cathedral the foundry was on the present site of the giant stone cutting saw. 
Hodson cast a number of bells in the area between 1693-6 but certainly he cast the 
six for St. Oswalds Durham at the Cathedral site because when they were 
excavating the water pit for the saw they found the floor of the foundry and at 
least one casting pit which had the remains of the cope that was used to cast the 
third at St. Oswalds.
In 1666 Hodson cast six bells for All Saints Newcastle upon Tyne ( sadly the 
church no longer has bells as they were destroyed by fire in 1946 ) at a site 
close to the Holy Jesus hospital.

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