[Bell Historians] Council for the Conservation of Bellfoundries (CCB)

David Bryant david at b...
Wed Apr 28 12:51:02 BST 2004

> I would think that rehanging a bell in situ, rather than taking it to 
> the foundry, has more to do with the lack of, or inaccessibility of, 
> trapways in the tower rather than problems of transport outside the 
> tower. This sort of work still goes on to this day where getting a 
> bell out would involve dismantling a whole ring, or cutting trapways 
> in floors, etc.

Yes, I know, but I think in this case it is probably the terrain - it's in a pretty remote part of the dales.

Taylor's usual practice seems (at least in the C20) to have been to take the bells to their works for refitting. I know that Whitechapel have often rehung bells in situ, and Eayre and Smith often so also.



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