[Bell Historians] temporary foundries

David Bryant david at b...
Wed Apr 28 12:53:49 BST 2004

> but certainly he cast the 
> six for St. Oswalds Durham at the Cathedral site because when they were 
> excavating the water pit for the saw they found the floor of the foundry and at 
> least one casting pit which had the remains of the cope that was used to cast the 
> third at St. Oswalds.

It's interesting that the old 3rd and 5th were retained when the bells at St Oswald's were recast by Taylor's in the 70s - do you know why these two were chosen? I assume there might well be a particular reason, as if they wanted to keep any two bells the most obvious candidates would be the treble and 2nd, as scrap bellmetal was very expensive in the 70s.



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