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Sorry to forward a private email to the list.
I often warn other people of the risks of not taking care with the address and checking twice, and then I did it myself.

I hope I haven't put Howard's life in danger with all those who would kill for a peal at Paisley.

I've known wars to start after a miss-directed email or fax


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Dear Andrew

Thank you for coming to see me yesterday.

I remain of the view that a root and branch reform is the best option but am mindful of what you say about there not being that many alternative people capable of discharging this function well.

However one should not underestimate the power of a self-perpetuating bureacracy to defend itself and, after reflection, a top to bottom reform is my preference, otherwise I fear that there will be little change but much acrimony.
As I said, our problems with Bells and Clocks people are minor compared to the other parts of the organisation and there is the larger picture that I have to take into account.

I shall take further advice as to how I shall proceed and we will take great care with our long serving advisors.

Yours in Christ

+ Rowan

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