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Before we run round in circles again - as we have done with Brockhampton wh=
ere people refused to believe the straightforward and simple answer that th=
e bells were at Brockhampton by Bromyard (not Ross) and still there - let's=
just accept that W. Glen & Sons is simply an error on the Baxenden church=
GAD has already clarified that the Baxenden bells are by Blews 1877 - so we=
can stop worrying about whether Glen occurs elsewhere, acted as agents or =
whatever. It's simply a misreading (understandable!) of Blews' gothic lette=

This list is sometimes great for unravelling problems and uncovering new ev=
idence. Swift answers to queries save others from scratching around and hel=
p to keep exchanges short. Detail and wider-ranging background information =
can be really useful. Stories and anecdotes are fun. It's great that so man=
y different people contribute to this list. But the volume of postings can =
be an irritation, so let's try to avoid patent nonsense.=20

I'm suffering a bit from having had to deal with 2+ days' e-mails three tim=
es last week - with postings on this list dominating the in-box - hence thi=
s plea from a grumpy old man!=20

CP Meldrew


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